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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Smith & Wesson Model 17-4

There once was a time that I did not understand. I favored high capacity 9mm handguns back then, and eschewed revolvers all together. Revolvers were guns for fat old men in khakis and Oldsmobiles. A .22 caliber revolver was doubly stupid to my way of thinking. It was an underpowered, overpriced antiquated anachronism.

Finally, one day, I crossed the line, and discovered the pleasures of the wheelgun. It was not easy. The double action revolver trigger is unforgiving. It is perhaps the most difficult trigger to learn to use. Smith & Wesson wheelguns taught me trigger control. The S&W triggers improved my shooting across the board.

Having the immediate and undeniable feedback of holes in a target is a crucial training aid. Being able to launch a bullet for a couple of pennies suddenly began to make sense. The Smith & Wesson K-22 and subsequent Model 17 are .22 caliber revolvers built to the same standards and specifications as every K framed Smith & Wesson. Thus, by shooting a K-22, for pennies you can improve your shooting not only with the double action revolver trigger, but every trigger you use.

I found a S&W Model 17-3 with a six inch barrel, and it was good. Even so, I did not hesitate to purchase this Model 17-4 when I found it at a fair price. It is a pinned and recessed Target Masterpiece with an eight and 3/8 inch barrel.

I was forced to simply admire it for a few days, until today, when I could finally take it to the range with a box of Federal bulk ammo. The trigger had not been lightened, but it was a smooth consistent pull all the way back.

I was not prepared for the accuracy I tapped from this revolver. The extra sight radius made it a precision hole puncher. I am not certain I like the big assed target grips, but they did not hinder me. For now, they will stay on the gun. I paid $400 for this revolver. It is worth every cent of that price.


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Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Damn straight it's worth every penny.
I've always like Smith's triggers, as far as stock triggers go.

A fine aquisition, my friend.
And yes, I am a little jealous... ;)

3:11 PM  
Anonymous brad_in_mass said...

JayG over at Toys in the Attic has a 17-4 with the 8 3/8 inch barrel. I've had the distinct pleasure of shooting it one. What a suh-weeeeeeeeeeeet piece of hardware. Xav . . . ya done good !!!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Homer said...

I've had a pre dash Model 17 with an 8 3/8 barrel for decades. I've lived with the target stocks because they came on the gun, and just thinking about the trigger produces orgasms.

My plan is to be buried with it.

Ya done good, X.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gun. Lucky guy!

7:21 PM  

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