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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Combat Commander Progress

"Xavier, how is the Combat Commander coming along?"

Well, it's functioning fine. I like the longer trigger and the flat aluminum MSH. The Ed Brown thumb safety is snicking on and off better than a factory part. The McCormick trigger is adjusted to sweet. I have installed cocobolo double diamond grips on it.

I am trying to decide between the original bushing and an EGW Melt bushing at present. It has become a good shooter with the original bushing. I do not know what had it off on the first outing, but it has settled in and gained consistent accuracy. Perhaps it was me after all.......

I am still debating between electroless nickel or hard chrome from Ford's, or perhaps NP3 from Robar. Then again, I've never really owned a 1911 that could be called a "rat gun," an equivalent to the rat bikes I enjoy. I may just keep it as is.....

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Anonymous mike100 said...

I just got my first commander length 1911 and it does take some time to learn how to shoot it. The faster slide speed and faster flip make it have a bit of a personality difference compared to a 5" gun.

I have a Dan Wesson commander and even though it is a nicely optioned semi custom, I am letting it get beatup with wear and tear. It is stainless piece and that makes it easier than bluing to keep up.

6:48 PM  

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