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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pawn Shop Circuit: Model 28-2

This morning I went by Kenny's pawn shop to see what was new. Kenny had a nickel Rossi Model 68 in his case among the Glocks and pimp pistols. It was a five shot .38 Special revolver and Kenny had tagged it at $150. That was a fair enough deal, I suppose, but I would rather have a beater Model 10 for that money. It seems as though the old S&W wheelies are getting harder and harder to find.

I looked over the Rossi a bit more, and to my surprise I started to consider it. I quickly killed that impulse though. I do not need the gun, and it is not a Smith. I handed the nickel Brazilian back to Kenny.

Next, I drove over to Dave's shop. Dave had brought quite a few different guns out of hock. There were a couple of Glocks, the SW1911PD, a Walther P99 , three big bore Ruger revolvers, and a Steyr pistol; but the handgun that caught my eye was muted blue steel and walnut. A Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 was residing under the glass. $239. Last year, around Christmas, I purchased a pristine Model 28-2 from Dave. This recent Model 28-2 had a bit more wear on it, and was priced the same. The good thing, however, is I would shoot it. My first 28-2 is a fine revolver, but I just do not shoot it much because it is so pristine. This N frame Smith would be a definite shooter. The price was fair, and I asked Dave for a form 4473.

Pay a little more, buy quality.

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