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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pawn Shop Circuit: Three Rugers

I swung into Neil's pawn shop today to check out the handgun stock. Neil had a nice four inch tapered barrel Ruger MKII earlier this week priced at $199. I passed on it, citing the price. Today, Neil had lowered the price to $175, and had added another MKII, a 50th Anniversary Model to the mix. It was $175 as well. I recognized the pistol as one that had been on Neil's shelf in January. Perhaps someone had placed it on layaway and failed to pay. I did not ask. I simply examined the pistol and talked about other things. If the price drops to $150, I'll bite.

I went on to Kenny and Dave's pawn shops, and I found little that rang my chimes. I guess I'm still hoping for a 1911 to show up again, or perhaps an old M&P. Then, when I got home, and began reading blogs a bit, I found that PawPaw had purchased a Ruger MKII this morning. I feel a little better about leaving my two behind now. I can't get 'em all. I wonder what he paid..........

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Blogger Pawpaw said...

$160.00 out the door. They ate the tax.

9:10 PM  

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