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Monday, June 25, 2007

CHL Names Published In Ohio

The Sandusky Register of Sandusky Ohio has decided to publish the names of concealed handgun license holders.

As gun owners and CCW holders, we have been through this bullshit before with newspaper editors who care more about their circulation than lives.

The Sandusky Register's office is at:
314 West Market Street
Sandusky, OH 44870-5071
Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm

1(800)466-1243 (Toll Free)
Mon-Fri: 8am to 7pm
Sat-Sun: 7am to Noon
Holidays: 7am to 10am

Matt Westerhold, Managing Editor
225 East Ave Elyria, OH 44035-5634
(440) 329-7157

Why talk to Westerhold when you can talk to his boss, David Rau?
21 Belted Kingfisher Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 671-3225

Oh, and the publisher of the Sandusky Register is:
Douglas D. Phares
3216 Angels Way
Sandusky, OH 44870-5995
(419) 621-1726

Let these reckless sociopaths know what you think!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Ohio. I am outraged.

I also can't believe some of the ignorance displayed in the comments to that article...

9:12 PM  
Blogger chris 3 said...

I love that you all have decided to fight fire with fire. Here is some more ammo:

If your area recycles, newspapers represent a big part of the cost. If you don't recycle, taxpayers pay to haul and landfill the stuff. Well, maybe the greedy, for-profit corporation that makes that mess should pay to clean it up through an "Environmental Responsibility Fee."

Here's the argument:
Newspapers place an enormous burden on the environment from beginning to end.

They tear down forests of trees to make the paper. The process uses rivers of clean water and the ink finds its way into our environment.

And how is this product delivered? It's driven all over the county in mostly older cars in the most inefficient start-stop manner by low wage workers who are forced to get up at an ungodly hour and work in their cars. Three hours later, it’s trash.

So while the newspaper, usually owned by an out-of-town corporation, makes millions of dollars by selling advertising, it leaves the local taxpayers to pay for the clean up and landfill of its mess.

No doubt the editors will balk at an environmental responsibility fee on their own product but I’ll bet there is a litany of fees on other businesses that they have supported. Their own archives will provide parallels where you can use their own words against them. This site is evidence that a hard copy is not necessary.

How much should the "Environmental Responsibility Fee" be? Well, how about less than the price of a cup of cup of coffee? Fifty cents per copy ought to do it.

Do it for the children.

Shoot Straight,
Wilmington, NC

1:09 PM  

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