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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Roper Grips on Ebay!

Expect these to escalate. First, they are N frame grips. Next they are Ropers. Finally, they are damned nice Ropers.

Winning bid: US $932.64

Roper grips, associated with Walter Roper, a marksman from the time of Skeeter Skelton were actually handmade by an old world artisan named Matheis Gagne. The grips were usually crafted from a single piece of carciasian walnut. They were then hand chiseled to achieve a tight frame fit. Next, Mr. Gagne would work off a drawing of the purchaser's hand to design the form of the grips. He then used a file to shape the grip. Mr. Gagne would use an old v-notch cutting tool to carve the exquistite checkering. They were finished with linseed oil and some shellac was added to give them a sealed effect and slight sheen.

Each set of Roper grips is unique. They rarely appear on the market. As a period aftermarket S&W revolver accessory, Roper grips have no peer.

I am fortunate enough to own one revolver with Roper grips. It is a .22LR Colt Official Police. These N frame Roper grips are already bid up higher than I paid for my whole revolver and grips in a pawn shop last year. Yep, this is going to be an interesting auction!

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