A Nurse with a Gun

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wheelchair Self Defense

Dallas---When three men tried to force their way into a Dallas apartment, the partially disabled resident refused to be a target. According to reports, the man and his fiancée were sleeping when the woman heard a noise at the front door about 1:30 a.m. She went to investigate and was greeted by an armed man who forced his way into the apartment. She told police two other men stood just outside the door.

The man wheeled his way into the living room and wrestled with the armed intruder, police say. "This is a perfect case of somebody fighting for their own survival," Lt. Rick Rivas with the Dallas Police Department said. Detectives said during the scuffle, the gun went off and the intruder was shot. He was taken to Baylor Medical Center, where he later died.

"This is someone partially disabled in a wheelchair -- nothing should be taken for granted," Rivas said. Police said they are looking for the two other men, who ran away. Authorities believe the apartment was targeted because the man is disabled. No charges have been filed. Under the new Castle Law, homeowners have the legal right to defend their property and lives with deadly force.

Beth Wagner---CBS 11 News

Looks like it's time for someone else to buy a shotgun. I guess Rebecca Aguilar is out of luck in locating this victim.



Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

"A suspect with a gun forced his way through the door"?

And he was shot with his own gun?

Geez, what must a Goblin do to get the recognition he deserves?

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

I am kinda in the same boat with my girlfriend...she isn't yet in a wheelchair, but she can't run, can't fight well...and as a diabetic, she really should not have a weapon herself. Ergo, my loaded Mossberg behind the bedroom door.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Keith Walker said...

Why did the reporter bring up the castle doctrine if the home owner was unarmed?

10:14 AM  
Blogger Joe Carpenter said...

"...under the new castle law, Texans have the right to protect their property and their, uh, homes using deadly force, no charges have been filed."

Yes, because when an armed intruder forces his way into my house at 1:30am, the first thing I'm thinking about is: 'Man, I hope they don't take the Plasma TV... Not on my watch, Raaarrhh!!'

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Will said...

Why should she NOT have a weapon? Please explain the logic behind this statement of yours.

7:09 PM  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...

You know, sometimes I get sick of living in Dallas, but other times like this recent rash of home invaders being killed just warms my heart - I LOVE this town!

And this story of the wheel-chair bound guy wresting the gun from the intruder and killing the intruder with same is just pure-dee golden. Good stuff.

One of these days, the bad guys are going to start getting the message. In the mean time, we can get them off the streets in the most thorough way possible. Sweet!

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...


My girlfriend is a diabetic, as I have said...when her blood sugars crash, she can be difficult and unstable. Meaning, with a weapon it is possible she will become a threat to those around her. The brain requires glucose (sugar) and oxygen to function effectively; without both, the brain isn't going to work right. I would actually prefer that she could be armed, as she is vulnerable in public by herself.

4:58 AM  

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