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Friday, January 25, 2008

Gun Show Day One

I showed up at the gun show as the doors opened, and paid my six bucks to go inside. Within minutes, I ran into Cussin' Bob. It was good to see the old cuss again. It has been a while. We caught up on the gossip, and I found out the Debate Society had finally consumed the hog. I need to get back out there again, I really do.

As I wandered the show, I did not see much that interested me, at least not among the old guns. I did see one Ruger MKI Target for $349. I saw a Browning .22 Challenger pistol for around $350 as well. I passed on both. Apparently Kimber is putting out some gilded bling stuff. Pretty neat for $1100. Kimber also apparently had some kind of SIS pistol going on......I don't know what that's about, but the SIS slide serrations are kind of silly if you ask me.

I found a used Wilson Combat Supergrade Commander with a hopeful $2900 tag on it's triggerguard. About the time I picked up the Wilson pistol, I overheard a dealer tell a customer "I'm gonna tell you sumpting. You don't know what you're talkin' about! Ron Paul will sell us all up the river. He wants to pull out of Iraq and we will lose there just like in Vietnam!" I paid my money to browse guns, not listen to third rate political commentary. I put the Wilson down and moved on.

Along the South wall was a fellow from Arkansas who was selling GI 1911s along with some pretty sad looking S&W M1917s. He had a couple of .22 chambered Sistemas. Those were pretty cool, I asked what he wanted for them........A modest $500......each. I asked what his M1911s go for...Anywhere from $2300 to $5600. Wow. I asked when he last sold one, and he quickly asked me if I had any to sell. "No," I responded, "but I'll keep you in mind if I find any." The area started to smell vaguely like a piss filled diaper. I looked around for any tricycle motors that might be irrigating the place, but none were nearby. I decided to move on.

Another dealer had a refinished Colt M1911 on their table for $1350. That was interesting. It had been badly buffed. It was the only reasonably priced GI gun I saw though. Another seller had a box of Beretta 92s and 96s going for $329 a piece. Your choice. They looked to be police trade ins. Finally, I came upon the pistol I drove through the sleet for. Right beside a Gold Cup Trophy (priced at $929) was a Colt New Agent. The dealer had a price of $795 on it. I had the money. A local dealer has the same pistol for $150 more. It certainly seemed to be a good deal. I have a thing about buying new, though....There is depreciation, and I'd like someone else to eat that. Still I remember when the Colt Gunsite Pistol was on the market. I waited, having decided to purchase one when it became available used. I have seen no Colt GSP, none, nada, zippo, on the used market. The pistol has steadfastly held it's value and simply does not come up for sale used.

This New Agent is the same type of gun, I think. Still, I know the lack of conventional sight will turn off many buyers. I called the dealer over and offered $750. He thumbed through a spiral notebook a bit and then told me he couldn't do that, as it would only net him $18 on the pistol. I figured that was fair enough. I decided to think on it a while. I continued to wander the show, and then I overheard a dealer tell an AR customer "Colt doesn't even make M-16s for the military anymore." The customer, holding a Colt AR, seemed unimpressed. He knew bullshit when he heard it. I decided it was time to leave and reflect on this New Agent a bit..........

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Anonymous IZinterrogator said...

There are still Colt GSPs available on the market. I just bought the stainless one NIB to round out my collection last month for $1295. I know of a few more stainless ones out there for sale, but the prices are steep.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

xavier, i've been wondering when one of your forays would meet reality in the form of collectors posing as sellers at the gunshows, and at most independent gunshops and pawnshops these days, i'm afraid.

in my pawnshop in the 90's, with legislation of unknown scope on the horizon, most ffl's added a what-if factor to their gun prices and that actually increased demand and margins; it was the most profitable period of firearms sales in my thirty years as a dealer...a serendipitous effect of wasteful, pointless, dangerous government...

that scenario may be playing out now in a precursory way...there is a very high likelihood that one of those three democrats will be president, and almost certainly control through law or through tort will soon follow...many dealers and quasi-dealers at shows may feel their investment is better kept in good guns than in cash. that's how i felt in '92, anyway, and it was a profitable strategy for me.

I would counsel you to alter your aversion to new, at least in the short term, and especially for colt...the many trueisms about the supply of colts like the one you overheard are based in the real paucity of desireable pieces available for your favorite ffl to order for you...

if your guy will order for you at $40-$50 over his true cost with prepay as i did for my good buyers, put your money down today and with overnight shipment and your carry permit, walk out of the store with your new acquisition tomorrow...you are very unlikely to experience depreciation; more likely you made money when you bought it...

so dealers are hanging onto their good preowned stuff that they own outright, witness your show experience and the lately inflated gunbroker listings...but most are glad to make the $40-$50 on the new piece with no risk or investment to them; you may even get new for used price, of course the coolest stuff you just can't get new.

one exception to the overpriced preowned market is still in the police handgun tradeins...i mentioned in a response to one of your old posts that glock's inspired marketing plan put glocks in most cop's holsters and put a lot of nice (and a lot of not so nice) hi-cap s/a's, primarily 9's, onto the used market at attractive prices, like those beretta's you saw...

thanks and good luck prospecting, xavier, i came across your blog a year or so ago when i searched for pawn; it's the only blog i regularly check out, and the only one i have ever responded to...your posts seem to jar these occasional tangential responses, hope you don't mind...regards, jtc

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Lima said...

If you want the New Agent, that is a very good price. A very good price!

9:28 AM  
Anonymous haru said...


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