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Monday, May 12, 2008

Another J.E. Clark Sr. Gun Up For Bids

This 1911 on Auction Arms is another example of a very nice Jim Clark Sr. pistol. Strictly a target gun, it was converted to a long slide pistol by cutting and welding two separate slides together. After the addition of a six inch barrel a Bomar sight rib was installed. Underneath the wrap around grips is the barbed wire style stippling that old man Clark was famous for.

Story has it that while traveling in Arkansas, Jim Clark Sr. visited an army Surplus store. There, he found a barrel of GI surplus slides that had been cut in two by Uncle Sam when they were demilled. He purchased the lot for ten cents each. When he arrived home, Jim Clark Sr. built the first long slide 1911. The rest is history.

This Jim Clark Sr. long slide 1911 is up to $800 in the bidding. Somebody is going to win a piece of gunsmithing history.

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