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Friday, June 20, 2008

Gun Auction Round-Up

Up for bids on Auction Arms is a nice little Beretta 950 from 1958. Now this is not the type of pea shooter I stick in my britches, but if you are looking for a pretty pistol to make the lady in your life beam with joy, this factory engraved one isn't a bad option. At $213, the price is right.

The Beretta 950 is a single action .22 short blowback pistol with a tip up barrel. It has an eight round magazine with one extra in the chamber. Even though the cartridge is derided as an impotent rapist enrager, because the owner does not have to rack the slide to load the chamber, the tip up barrel can be a good choice for those with arthritic or weak hands. This C&R Sunday going to meetin' gun is presently in the price range of a new black Beretta M21-A.

I'm not sure if this Remington Rand is all correct (the grips and screws sure ain't!) but the price is not bad at $600. In fact, at $600, the price is damned good, correct or not. It certainly appears to be correct enough. With the addition of some genuine USGI grips this old war horse could be returned to it's previous granduer rather quickly.

The only problem is that someone has throated the chamber and polished up the feed ramp. I would want to shoot this one before buying unless I was willing to accept a genuine $600 USGI paperweight.

The Remington Rand was won for $875.01

The Beretta was won for $313.98



Blogger Montie said...

Sorry Xavier, but the Beretta 950 pictured is in .22 short rimfire (per the .22 corto legend on its slide).

An even more anemic caliber than .25 ACP, although lots of people have been killed by .22 rimfires over the last 150 or so years.

6:41 PM  

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