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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spooky Steps and Catzilla

Daddy took me to some really spooky stairs today. These stairs were slippery but not wet. When I stepped on them they went woingy woingy bing bong. It was like I was walking on a vibraphone.

It was late in the day and I had spent most of my day watching Daddy make bangs at a cardboard man. He does that a lot, and at first, the bangs were spooky but I got used to it. The steps he took me to today were just about to get on my last nerve though. Every where I went, bing bong woingy woingy tink tong. Daddy wouldn't let me walk on the concrete either. He made me go up and down those musical stairs after my toy over and over. He did give me a lot of praise though.

Then just as it started to get dark, I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was the biggest damned kitty cat I think I have ever seen, and he was moving towards stalking us. I whirled around and gave him a couple of warning woofs and he froze in his tracks. At first, I was scared to death he would eat us both, but my woofs were so fierce that I petrified him with fear. He just stood there. If Daddy would have had some pliers we could have pulled his fangs out he was so petrified. You gotta respect the woof of a German Shepherd Dog.

You never know when a giant petrified kitty will snap out of it, so I advised Daddy that it was time to go. Thankfully he agreed. He can be hard headed sometimes, but I'm glad he listened to me today. He's getting better that way.

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Anonymous Travlin said...

I love these Ilsa stories. Keep 'em coming.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does Ilsa need hearing protection when you go to the range?

Just curious how you handle it...

Love the blog, keep up the good work!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Xavier said...

I keep her well away from the firing line. Underneath the tin roof is can be deafening. For safety's sake, she stays crated or on the leash with me at the other end at all times. The thing is, I want her to be acclimated to the sounds and smells of gunfire.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Mauser*Girl said...

She does look a bit uncomfortable with those stadium seats. Has she been up and down the kind that does not have cement in between, like these - http://abbyk9.fotki.com/travel/virginia/vinthills/vinthills07.html yet?

4:23 AM  

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