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Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Combat Elite

One Colt 1911 pistol that makes Colt the connoisseur heart go pitty pat is the two toned Combat Elite. Click to enlargeWith a polished blue slide and a stainless frame, it is an elegant handgun.

My Combat Elite was purchased at a gun show for $600 a few years back. It has been modified a bit since then, with an Ed Brown grip safety and thumb safety, a flat mainspring housing, a McCormick trigger, and a Wilson bushing to tighten things up. It's a good, reliable shootin' gun.

Although my Combat Elite has Accro adjustable sights and an enhanced frame and slide, the Combat Elite originally appeared in the classic fixed sight vertical slide serration format. Many Colt guys prefer that version, and I can't argue. Calling an adjustable sighted gun "Combat Elite" makes one wonder if the person naming it knows combat.

At any rate, the Combat Elite remained an elusive firearm for many. Click to enlargeNow, Hartford has re-introduced the pistol. The good news is it has a fitted beavertail and a swept back Novak style rear sight. It also has the skeletonized hammer and a three hole trigger. The neato *Combat Elite* rollmark is carried over with the blued slide and stainless frame combination.

The bad news is the slide is not polished, and the pistol has forward serrations. I guess you can't have it all. Still, word has it these pistols are selling at a street price between $800 and $900. If you have the scratch and a hankering for Colt's two toned beauty, this gun, Model O8011XSE, is not a bad rendition at all.

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Blogger Tam said...

Yeah, that one has always given me a case of sweaty palms, even with the twinkie sights.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Sigh, I just HATE the way forward serrations look on a 1911.

Oh well, at least I picked up my own little piece of history today. (Monson Marked Dan Wesson .357)

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Billy Sparks said...

I picked one of the new ones up from a friend in Alaska. I shot for the first time Friday. I am going to put a review up on The Firing Line. I won't be as classy as if Tam had written it but it will be decent. Oh and I don't like the front slide serations either.

9:43 AM  

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