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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Victory Box on ebay

A impossible to find accessory, this is a factory cardboard box which was used to ship the Smith & Wesson Victory revolver during WW2. The box itself is made from corrugated cardboard and is in mint condition. It bears the U.S. Military Ordnance crossed-cannon stamp along with the inspectors initials 'GHD' for Guy H. Drewry, Brig. General, Springfield Ordnance District, (June 17, 1942 - July 15, 1945). The box is opened at one end and has the original paper used to pack the gun, along with a wrapped factory cleaning rod. Vintage photos 6 and 7 are from the book "U.S. Handguns of World War II", by Charles W. Pate, and show a Victory revolver lying in its open shipping box along with another photo of the gun itself. Please note that this is an empty shipping box being offered and contains only the wrapped cleaning rod and paper previously mentioned. In my many years of collecting, I have never seen another S&W Victory shipping box.
Starting bid: US $395.00

Frankly, I've never seen another Victory box either, so how can I say this is the real deal? Even if it is, will it improve a $300-$400 to a gun worth twice that? I doubt it.

I will occasionally scour ebay looking for the highest prices with the key words "Smith" and "Wesson." This evening I found this thing out of Zed's Pawn Shop basement.
Authentic Texas Longhorn Steer. Covered with black leather. No vinyl. Horns 34" tip to tip. Mock LC69 shells. Custom crafted shell belt. Horns detach for relocation. Easy marked reattachment. No screws needed. Bad looken boy.And no,wont see another one.
Won't see another one? I hope not!



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