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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Custom 1911 Meditations

I'm getting the urge to build another 1911. I have the parts I need. I usually obtain a Colt to use as a base gun. I prefer Colts. They hold their value. The last used stainless Colt 1911 that I saw for sale was at The Spotted Dog for $629. I suppose I could talk them down to $600 out the door, but what is the point? I have a SW1911 that is aching for a workover.

I can't stand the warning label on the SW1911's dustcover, nor the spotted zebra look derived from the blackened small parts. The fame is forged, however, and the slide is already cut for Novak sights. I can reshape the speedbump on the grip safety so it doesn't dig into my palm, I can remove the black finish from the small parts, or simply replace them since they are MIM, and perhaps bead blast the dustcover warning away. This gun does shoot good. Perhaps it's time I did a custom SW1911.........

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Blogger Tam said...

I'll need to double-check with the gunsmiths, but the last couple of SW1911's we had in wouldn't take a standard Novak in that rear sight cut.

It struck me as odd, since S&W and Novak go back a long way...

7:48 AM  

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