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Monday, June 25, 2007

Note For Stupid Criminals:

It's best not to tattoo a bunch of ignorant crap all over your face. It makes you easy to recognize. Dumbass.

Best thing, this cop killing dirtbag had his firearm taken away from him by a citizen not afraid to act, a Mr. Eric Fullerton. Great job Mr. Fullerton!

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Blogger MauserMedic said...

OK, I need to license this guy's image for Practical Pistol targets. This is the perfect example why normal people should have and practice with handguns.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Does Utah still have the death penalty?

6:42 PM  
Blogger scalpel said...

"Anybody seen this guy? He's the one with all the crap all over his face."

"Oh, yeah. THAT guy."

7:27 AM  
Blogger BobG said...

Too bad they can't lock him up in a place where they have a majority of non-Caucasian prisoners; those tattoos would get him some interesting dates...

1:13 PM  
Blogger Nola Blogger said...


3:47 PM  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...

oh, *snap!* I had to riff on this guy's idiocy, too. At least found a way to remove all doubt without uttering a word. I give him points for creativity.

8:05 PM  

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