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Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Go Get'em Guns

After a few comments on my Go Get'em Gun piece, I thought I would post a couple or four of my own "Go Get'em" Guns. Seems some folks don't get the joke........And, since I purchased a new better camera, I've been updating some of my gun pics to a higher quality photo anyway......And, it's time for some gun pics, after all it's Sunday....

Click to enlargeAt left is my two Heckler & Koch USPs. Both are in .40S&W, so I do not shoot them much anymore. Because the fullsize pistol has a light, I still train with it and use it as a bedside pistol.

I once carried the USP Compact, but the butt kept sticking out farther than my own butt. I went to a 1911 for carry shortly afterwards. I still keep the USPc in hopes that some Tactical Tommy will inherit his Grandpa's WWI vintage M1911 and want to "upgrade" to a "Go Get'em" gun, specifically one with a "hostile environment" finish and Big Dot 24/7 nuclear powered sights.

Both USPs have night sights, LEM triggers, and neutered 10 round magazines. Both are utterly reliable. The only failure I have ever had with either was a Wolff ammunition case rupture causing a failure.

For a while I collected Beretta handguns. In addition to the Mini-Cougar and 92FS at right, I own a M1932, a M1951, and a M21A. The Beretta 92FS was the first handgun I purchased when I returned home from the US Navy in October 1991. Click to enlargeWondernines were the rage then, and the 92FS was at the top of the heap. I actually carried the thing concealed for a bit. It's a good one, all metal, unlike the ones produced today. I installed an 18 pound 1911 mainspring in it to lighten up the trigger. It works. I have yet to get a light-strike as a result. My Beretta 92FS will stay in my inventory. It was the first substantial item I purchased, within two days of leaving the military. It has never had a failure, with many, many rounds down the pipe.

The Mini-Cougar is a gun I like. I enjoy the rotating barrel action. It's a smooth shooting pistol. I really like the design of the contoured magazine to lengthen the abbreviated grip if desired. The Mini-Cougar is an accurate pistol, but I am unable to shoot accurately with it. The shorter grip only makes it worse. I carried this pistol for a time as well.

I still appreciate Beretta handguns. They are some very smooth, accurate, reliable firearms. "Fine ordnance" as Uncle Lester would say. I just don't pursue Berettas as I once did. They failed to keep my interest. HK pistols were the same. Glocks were too. As a collector, 1911s and old revolvers continue to hold my interest. They make pretty darned good defensive weapons as well. They are accurate, reliable, and a heck of a lot of fun at the range too.

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Blogger the pistolero said...

I still keep the USPc in hopes that some Tactical Tommy will inherit his Grandpa's WWI vintage M1911 and want to "upgrade" to a "Go Get'em" gun
Well, Xav, I hope he doesn't read your blog, 'cause I'd say you're busted if he does... ;-)

12:39 PM  
Anonymous DonWorsham said...

What is a neutered 10 round magazine?

2:38 PM  
Blogger Mikelvania said...

Yeah, all of those old timey revolvers are pure junk! You tell em Xavier! As a matter of fact, I'll do you one further. I'll email you my address and you can send me all of those useless pieces of junk you have and I'll get rid of em for you. I'll even pay shipping :D

5:34 PM  
Blogger MauserMedic said...

I purchased a Beretta 92 about ten years ago so I could practice for military competition. The ability of that model to digest nearly any brand of 9x19 reliably was, and still is to me, highly impressive. If they'd make a Model 92 in .45 ACP I'd find the money for it in a heartbeat.

That said, I own one Model 92, but three 1911s.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they're just range guns, I could understand keeping the neutered Klinton mags (which I assume you got before 04, when I assume you bought the guns). But for your nightstand gun, why not go ahead and get real mags for it?

10:12 AM  
Blogger Xavier said...

I thought about it anon.....full capacity magazines would be nice, and they are available from CDNN for around $40 each.

Then I thought this pistol is just a means of getting to my shotgun, and I keep the USP with a loaded spare magazine beside it.

21 rounds ought to get me to one of the five 12 gauge shotguns I keep dispersed about the house.

5:39 PM  
Blogger JohnS said...

I have an 8045 Mini-Cougar, and I can usually get groups about 12". Blech.

However, my daughter is pretty good with it; as soon as she stabilizes her living arrangements, she may get a present.

2:19 PM  
Blogger JohnS said...

I'm curious - how do you carry at work? Scrubs don't generally have decent belts to hang a holster on.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Diamondback said...

Funny thing about the 92FS... I bought one a few months ago and It came with 2 17 round magazines. The store also carried the M9 which came with 2 10 rounders for around $80 more. The only difference between the 2 appears to be 2 parts that are easily replaced. plastic trigger and plastic guide rod for around $15 total for both.

11:43 AM  

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