A Nurse with a Gun

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

James Walton No Billed

James Walton is vindicated. He will not face charges for shooting and killing two burglars on his property in October. A Grand Jury determined the actions of James Walton were justified. Walton shot the two criminals in two separate burglary attempts of the salvage yard where he works and lives. Police responded to at least 42 calls for burglaries and thefts at Walton's place before the shootings.

After the second shooting, Walton was hounded and harassed by an agenda driven Fox 4 roving reporter Rebecca Aguilar. The reporter has been suspended indefinitely for her parking lot ambush of an old man who simply wanted to protect himself from thieves in the night. Aguilar has been self righteously unrepentant. Aguilar needs to go.



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