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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Evaluating a Victory Model

A reader brought this Smith & Wesson Victory Model to my attention. The seller's description reads:
Price $259.00 S&W 10 (Victory) in 38 SPL CAL with 4" barrel Color BLUE Condition 80% Serial number V267190 ALL ORIGINAL!!!!
Click to enlargeNow I'm not one to denigrate another man's item for sale, but I am one to educate others.

Larger resolution photos of this revolver are available at the link above. They really are not needed however. This revolver is far from "ALL ORIGINAL!!!!" It has been refinished in a poor quality hot blue. The S&W logo on the sideplate is almost polished away. The screws appear to have been polished down as well. Chances are, the entire revolver was not even disassembled except fot a grip removal prior to tossing it in the bluing tank. Finally, the grips are wrong. Non-diamond magna grips did not appear until 1968. The Victory Model wore smooth walnut service grips. The lanyard loop is long gone, but a replacement is available from Numrich.

Still, this revolver has a couple of pluses. It does bear the "US Property" marking, and it has not been bumper chromed. I actually purchased a similar S&W Victory revolver, but at a very different price. The Victory Model I purchased was $150, and it had diamond magnas. This particular example, while a Victory Model, has zero original finish. It's numbered grips are long gone. It has no collector appeal. If functional, it's worth about $150 as a shooter.

You can see my two S&W Victory Models here.

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