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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pawn Shop Circuit: Buy A Gun Day

When Smith & Wesson first announced their scandium framed 1911, I knew I wanted one of the lightweight carry guns. The high initial price was prohibitive though. Dave first put this pistol on his shelf in November. He marked it $750, and I waited. Finally, in January, he marked it down. It came with the box, all the papers, two magazines, and even the S&W bushing wrench. Click to enlarge I placed it on layaway. National Buy A Gun Day is a day set aside by gun bloggers to purchase and encourage others to purchase a firearm. Consider it a consultation on tax day.

Today, I had waited long enough to finally get my SW1911PD out of lay away at Dave's pawn shop. I only owed $136 more of the $650 purchase price, so I drove over to pony up. Dave had a Taurus revolver, a S&W double action pistol, and a couple of black plastic fantastics on the shelf. I handed him my paperwork, and he left to remove my SW1911PD from the safe. It was as nice as it had been when I first saw it. I began to fill out a 4473.

While Dave was ringing up the sale, I noticed a black leather holster on the rack with the rifles. I asked if it was for sale. "Of course, Xav, what's it worth to you?" asked Dave as he handed it to me.

It was a Galco canted holster for a pistol with a square triggerguard. "Not much", I replied honestly.

Dave made the NICS call, took my money, and brought me my receipt. Then he took the holster off the rack, and placed it on top of my things, saying "Take it. You buy enough guns here." Good guy, that Dave.

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Anonymous sumodad said...

I have a full size scandium frame 1911. I took it out once and shot a series of ragged one hole groups... I felt invincible. That was in the fall. I've been reluctant to take it out again for fear that I can only go down hill...it's a great gun. If this kind of accuracy is representative of the lightweight Smiths you'll love yours.

8:05 PM  

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