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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Door Three.......

Three choices:
1. Be turned over to the police.
2. Go one-on-one in a fist fight with a seasoned war veteran.
3. Be duct-taped to a flagpole for six hours with a sign around the neck identifying the alleged crime: flag burning.

The man in Valley Falls chose Door Three.
Moral: Don't go to a VFW post to drink their beer and then burn their flag when you can't show proper ID.

The Rensselaer County Sheriffs office confirmed knowledge of the event, but said they were not involved. State Police in Brunswick were contacted, but a trooper said no record of the event could be found.

Hat tip to Rausch.......

Kim and Connie du Toit

Been missing Kim? Can't live without Connie? Here ya go..........


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hardshell Camera Cases

I am looking into converting several military grade hardshell equipment cases into camera cases. Unfortunately, the interiors could use some protective foam inserts. I'm not a real fan of the open cell pick and pluck stuff. I prefer the sturdier closed cell foam dividers. If possible, I would even consider inserts that are removable soft sided camera cases themselves.

Yeah, I know, Pelican has great stuff. I already have these low profile hardshell cases though. Does anyone know of any sources for the basic raw components of a divider system that will hold up to steady use? Give URLs if possible.

Edited to add: I found this wonderful interlocking foam tile stuff intended to pad the floors of weight rooms...........

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When it's You or Him........

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ugly Gun Sunday

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joshua Beasley Sentenced

Joshua Beasley has been sentenced to three to five years in prison for the killing of his wife Alaina. Originally charged with manslaughter, in July of this year Beasley entered a nolo contendere plea to second degree assault. Josh and Alaina BeasleyThe plea bargain changed the possibility of a 20 year maximum sentence to a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Although the death was clearly unintentional, the gross violations of every accepted safety practice while handling a firearm tipped the scales.

Joshua Beasley had attended a firearms safety course prior to killing his wife, but the lessons taught there apparently did not stick. He either slept through the class or felt the rules did not apply to one such as he. Once home from a day of shooting skeet, he decided to perform a house clearing drill. He pointed a shotgun at his wife and pulled the trigger. Tragically, it was loaded.

Alaina Beasley's family issued a written statement after sentencing:
“We struggle every day to understand why Josh decided to pick up a loaded shotgun, safety off, without checking it, and point that weapon at the one he vowed to love and protect; but then to pull the trigger — we find those actions absolutely inexcusable. While we don't believe Alaina's death was premeditated, it was NOT an ‘accident.' Although we felt strongly that Josh be held accountable for his recklessness, working with the Lancaster County Attorney's Office we requested they reduce the original charge to the lowest possible felony charge. None of our actions have been in pursuit of revenge, but out of a desire for justice for Alaina.”
I have little doubt that Josh Beasley loved his wife, and that he grieves every day for her. I do not want to beat up on a man who made such an avoidable and catastrophic mistake, but it is my hope that everyone who comes in contact with his story will learn the basics of checking the condition of a firearm, learn and obey the Four Rules, and integrate firearms safety into their lives.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

On SB 2099

On SB 2099 and the Blair Holt Bill........... Read here.

Knowing what is really going on should be a prerequisite to writing a Congressman. Writing about failed or non-existent threats to the Second Amendment makes gun owners appear to be of the same ilk as alien abductees and tin foil hat conspriracy truthers.

In the immortal words of gun advocate Davy Crockett, "Be always sure you are right - then go ahead."


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lessons from Armed America

My friend Kathy Jackson has co-authored a new book. Lessons from Armed America is available now for $15.95.

This is an unsolicited plug for a fantastic gun writer. Shame the gun rags have overlooked her. They might still be relevant if she was on board. Order several copies and give them for Christmas gifts.

I will.


Thought for Today:

"Where there are too many policemen, there is no liberty. Where there are too many soldiers, there is no peace. Where there are too many lawyers, there is no justice."
~Lyn Yutang


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Stories

DAYTON, Ohio -- Police said a man acted in self-defense on Saturday when he shot a 24-year-old who tried to rob him at gunpoint.

"Little did this kid know that this 72-year-old man was a licensed CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) carrier and he produced his own firearm and defended himself because he was in fear of his life," said Sgt. John Sullivan of the Dayton Police Department.

Sullivan said the 24-year-old cut in front of the 72-year-old in the area of Brooklyn Avenue in Dayton. He said the 24-year-old got out of his vehicle with an assault rifle, pointed it at the 72-year-old and tried to rob him.

That's when the 72-year-old pulled out his weapon and shot the robber twice, once in the abdomen and once in the arm. The robber is expected to survive his injuries.

Police didn't expect to file charges against the 72-year-old. They said the attempted robber would face a charge of aggravated robbery.

McDonald, Pa. -- Police said three men who forced their way into a Washington County home were greeted by a homeowner with a shotgun. “It’s not a very nice thing to happen in McDonald, because McDonald is a very quiet town,” said neighbor, Don Feigley.

Police said the homeowner, Joseph Tokarksi, who was one of several people in the house, came down the steps with the weapon in his hand. “I’m prepared to do what I have to do to protect my home and my family,” said Toarski.

“I’m all for that. I think anybody should be allowed to defend themselves in their homes and defend their neighbors, if they want to,” said Feigley. Police later caught two suspects whom they indentified as 19-year-old David Carlisle, of Cannonsburg, and 20-year-old Jermell McCullough, of Mt. Pleasant. Both are being held in the Washington County Jail, each on $50,000 bond. McDonald police are still looking for the third suspect.

INDIANOLA, Ill. - Police say an eastern Illinois man shot two people to death after they forced their way into his home and tried to rob him.

Vermilion County Sheriff Pat Hartshorn says the two masked men held the homeowner on the floor at gunpoint Monday night and choked him while demanding money. The sheriff says the alleged robbers were 22 and 17 but didn't identify them or the homeowner.

Hartshorn says the men let the homeowner go when his wife said she had expensive jewelry upstairs. While the men focused on a jewelry box, the homeowner grabbed a handgun and shot them.

Hartshorn says another 17-year-old waited in a pickup outside. He drove away but was arrested a short time later. Indianola is about 10 miles southwest of Danville.
It seems I am seeing more of these types of stories these days. I'm not certain why the media is increasing coverage of what has always been the case. Contrast these stories to this one from three years ago.


Monday, September 21, 2009


Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Cornered Cat

Tilt Shift

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There was speculation that this Maadi AKM featured on Gun Broker might be a fake. After all, who could tell if it was really used in the movie Red Dawn?

Well, it turns out there is a list with S001091 on the inventory.

Next question....... Will it make a difference in the final price?


Johns Hopkins Student Defends Self with Samurai Sword


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taser Wielding Robber Killed

Memphis Tennessee. A criminal decides to use a taser to rob a convenience store. Unfortunately for him, the clerk has a gun and the willingness to use it.

At this time, on the Memphis FOX poll, 85% of respondents believe armed employees are the best deterrent to crime.


100 Strangers

One of the more challenging photographic endeavors I have been working on is stranger photography. I am participating in a group known as "100 Strangers." AnthonyThe group seeks to help it's participants build the skills and chutzpah to request a portrait of a complete stranger, and quickly compose and get the shot.

The social challenges are great. Getting past the reluctance to approach and request a photograph of a stranger is an obstacle for many photographers. Once the person agrees, getting them to relax and drop their guard is the next hurdle. All the while, the photographer must quickly evaluate lighting conditions, composition, and the best angle for the subject. Quietening fears of how the image will be used is also a challenge.

My first stranger photography actually was done years ago in the Orient. That was a different time and place though. Times have changed. I first began to approach strangers for photographs at the Tea Party I documented some time back. Most of those people were hoping to be documented by the media, and were happy to pose. TabithaPeople such as Anthony, who I approached as he was fishing, are often more reluctant.

People moving along the street are even more recalcitrant about a quick photograph. Tabitha was attending a concert, and at first wanted five bucks for a photo. When I turned to walk away, she agreed to a photograph or two for free. The spontaneity of the resulting images is one of it's greatest attractions for me. It's a lot like fishing with shiners. You never know what you will come home with.

The objective of the group is to learn a little about the person, to make contact and have them agree to a photograph. Candid shots and long range telephoto shots are not admissible. 100 Strangers is one of the most energizing photographic endeavors I have undertaken. I am up to fifty-nine strangers now. I am using my Nikon D200 with a 50mm or 28mm lens. I noticed early on that I had a tendency to stay within my comfort zone with people not unlike myself, and I took steps to rectify that. The experience has been exhilarating. After I reach a hundred strangers, I intend to continue with the project.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

I haven't forgotten.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Police Academy

In a couple of days, I will begin a course/journey of better understanding the complexities and life of law enforcement. I will be attending a citizen's version of the police academy, and eventually riding along on the night shift in a cruiser. I look forward to it with anticipation and a bit of nervousness.

Over the years, on various internet gun and civil liberties forums I have witnessed a divide between the patrol officer and the citizen. The lack of understanding invariably led to entrenched arguments on each side of the coin, each not without merit. I have studiously avoided these arguments, especially on forums which I moderate. I have engaged in one on one debate on the issues with law enforcement officers whom I respect. As a nurse, working with the public in an official capacity in a high stress area that is foreign to the public, I feel I understand a little of what officers of the law experience on the job. Hopefully, I will understand better in the future.

Expect to hear a bit more about these experiences in the future..........